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Betron GLD60 hands-free earphones

Although I rarely use hands free it was broken by an  accident .The  left ear has been  damaged after my daughter carelessly broken it with her  hands .Never mind , its quality was  very  bad with very dull sound  .It was  part of the smartphones pack, a cheap 60Eu  2-core model, used 13 months with now nearly defunct WiFi possibly because I used it  quite  close  to the router. I used it  about 1-1.5  meter far though not very sure if that really happens or is just my opinion. I sometimes  use my smartphones  for more than 2 hours instead of my tablet for just checking the mail, the news ,and the chats and posting photos on Instagram.  Sometimes I use the earphone for experimental dictation.

Now back to my smart phone’s  earphone. It is a typical old fashioned ear bud  with mediocre  fidelity and sufficient microphone sound and fidelity enough good for telephonic usage. There are no trebles  but basses are  right. As in result I decided to look for a new model again from Betron my favorite earphone company .

As you may know the B25 model had  very good specifications  (look on the previous post that tough written on may it was posted end of September  due to many reasons ) Betron has a very broad line of in ear products with very low prices via Amazon.

I decided  to look for a model that can also have volume control so that can be used  for any other gadget say mp3 player or radio. Unfortunately the old fashioned way with the variable resistor is now extinct so that I could not have any fine adjustment on my  smarthphone's  volume. Finally I decided to order  the Samsung  version of GLD60 by chance for a price  of 9GBP plus shipping a total of 17Eu.

Shipment was  a very funny thing: The pack was sent registered and therefore  was tracked by Amazon and then by the Greek post. It has been sent on 6th of Sept,  arrived in Greece on 13, passed  twice  the customs, spent 3 days in Thessaloniki and received on 26. The time it arrived in Greece  I have received an email message from the shipping company with the tracking number to check its route . 

Finally on 26 th I took  the small A5  sized parcel  from Amazon. This is the favorite  company of our post office.

Here you will look on several photos of the box and the accessories: 

Later on the house I opened  the parcel . Betron uses a  15x14x2.5 cm  carton cassette to include everything . There  are many things inside :  the  earphones located in between  a foam sponge that  keeps it quite firm    two  earphone  replacements , a landscape  sized pouch , a folded user guide,   a discount carton   and a cable holder. The carton top  has also a  metallic sheet in between the front part  of the foam base and a magnet  inside the  box to keep the  box firm.

The paunch  is quite uncommon   considering all other  punches looked so far especially from mini  Degen radios so far .Instead of a lace they preferred to use a metal foil that I suppose it will keep the earphone set even stiffer.

Earphones are kept quite stiff inside the protective foam on the box. Nice design huh ?Controls are in the front while buds are shown in the rear of the box. Plug is protected by a small plastic cover. As you will see the plug has three zones the added for the microphone sound. Also a flag is added to  show the model type

These are  the spare parts of the set . Two spare sets of ear plastics and  one cable hook .There are two sets on gray color  and only one in black .The gray colored are in two sizes:  medium and small. Unknown why they didn't put a second small sized black set

The earphones have  a nice slim size and are offered with the  medium  sized plastics. The cable uses tigray colored cables in all  its length.

This is the control system  based on three buttons and the mike in the rear shown as a very small hole. The guide shows just a centre button that totally depends to the smartphones'  specifications .

The plug with its   three bands of connection. Stereo plus mike's or  control pass. And the protective plastic case.

This is the cable  separator system made by  possibly aluminum. The whole  logic reminds me some models of A4 tech on middle 00's that use the same logic in their earphone design.A4 tech today is rather  nonexistent here in Greece .

A nice close up of the ear bud .You may  also see the drilled metal.

This was a  short overview of the model. Now on   its  specifications as measured and compared  by myself .

The immediate first test was using my Bolong radio, the   B25 GLD60 earphones with a audio splitter for faster listening I don’t know if this can affect the operatively of the smaortphone ears but this is the only fast way to investigate the efficiency    between various earphones or  headphones without plugging and unplugging them. And also to check simultaneous cross-bud efficiencies. This is a way I do for more than 15 years. As noticed in other  posts in this site this radio has the widest sound among my radios with increased trebles perfect for testing among headsets. 

This   was the burn-on text for  the GLD60.Separate set listening  shown the  60 have little  less volume than B25,  around 1-1.5 db only little less bass and little less trebles. If I can set B25 as  perfect   I can  rate 60 as 4/5.But parallel listening  with two LEFT ear buds  shown the sound being in exactly the middle. This can mean sounds are exactly the same and there is  no difference between the audio responses of  these earbuds. Exactly  the same happened testing then with the two RIGHT ear buds and then reversing  them into my ears!

Next  step was  to use it alone  into my smart hone and test the microphone with a short recording in a special app. Tested in a radio station with good  sounds and into a mp4 that had also good sound and then  tested the control buttons . I was surprised  that the (+) and middle buttons stopped the player while the (-) button didn’t affect the  smart phone! I sent a email message to the company who advised me that the model is compatible with Samsung models and the mode generic version could not possibly offer anything to my smartphone neither the microphone can work (??)

Later same night I continued me tests  with other equipment.

  • First I did some shortwave logs on the ICOM R75 comms receiver and listened to my previously fav radio station RTM Sarawak .The sound is extremely sharp in AM wide and also quite sharp with the narrow  filter very close to the sound of ICOM's internal speaker . This sound annoys me quite much especially mixed with  the local noise caused by various  sources  including DSL flat TV screens  and LED  lamps as example   As in result I stopped listening after 20 minutes  and lowering  the sound with external attenuator  and used again  my20+years m@h40 Sennheiser headphones that are perfect  to  equalize the   receiver's headphone sound .
  • Next test was with  my smartphone. But ...  i was disappointed  that the  sounds between  B25  and 60  were very different , less bassy  less trebly and at least 2db  lower.
  • At next using them in parallel wit the audio splitter to the Q3  player recorder  both  sounded  OK . Q3 is used primarily for recordings from the ICOM receiver but also as mp3 player. 
  • Once  again I used  both of them with the splitter  and both sounded properly with the same audio . Tested in two  online stream programs with mp3 and aac formats.  
  • And finally tested separate having almost the same fidelity. So possibly I can  think that the buds were not properly fitted into my buds though I always try to do.
  • And another day tested  headphones  working properly wit  Samsung smartphone Both vol controls  adjust the volume  while the middle activate  or stop the player.

Please look my previous  posting. Considering a HiFi earphone model B25  relatively the same  bass with  model AKG518  ,higher  audio volume by 2-3 dB and very sharper trebles . As 60  has nearly the same audio we can assure that it follows  the same curve.

Verdict : 60 has  quite good audio fidelity with sharp and bassy sound. At GBP9/Eu10.5 its specifications are  well  above its price. It is now decreased to7 GBP. 

5/5 for this reason (quality  vs. price )
4/5 comparing to B25 


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B25 Betron: Very good ear phones!

A bit long ago ,around four  months,   my Sansa in-ears are being very close  to collapse .I ve used them for 12 years . They are  part of an old Sansa 512 MB  mp3 player ,defunct by strong  usage and looong time , that included SD memory socket extension of up to 2GB RAM maximum  . For this reason i decided  to look into a newer performer via Amazon that can reach the quality of my   K512 studio headphones I use in my computer.

I am very satisfied with the fidelity of 512.It as a crystal clear audio with my mp3 collection. A sound technician informed me that most AKG models offer a natural sound. For much time   was searching via the Amazon site with various in-ears or mid sized models with sound close or similar to this AKG model.
Based on my search preferences Amazon sends me nearly everyday recommendation emails with various similar models to what I ve looked. There were a Sennheiser model and also several models from a new (?) British company called Barton. I was  amused that many  Betron models  are top sellers as the RK300 with  around 2800  reviewers  and the  B25 with around 4500 reviewers as of mid May 17 .Quite many don’t you think ?

As jobless I have quite limited budget to make gadget purchases and just keep looking at models that can suit to my money requirements unless I collect some of my   monthly portions to make an 'important' purchase. Some of you I think know my story when I was working in the uni until two-three years ago. It has been posted that time in ipernity.com .I tried then many times to be hired but due to my age and low 'specifications' none can 'buy' me for work. Companies are even decreasing by day due to austerity reasons and high taxing .More than 50000 people have committeduicide in these 8 years of austerity.

Back to the story.  Betron's prices in Amazon are lower comparing to EBay or even much lower to the company’s site. For example the model B25 is offered for 11 GBP (12, 5 Euro) out of 30GBP (36Eu) normal RRP price (?? regular retail price?)  As referred in Amazon. EBay at 15 Eu is nominal price among various sellers .I don’t know if this just an advert trick to promote it via Amazon but I think that the price is good if the model has proper specifications.  Shipping cost is good at 5 GBP (6Eu) via Amazon and quite high at 11.8 Eu via eBay. Amazon's prices surely are lower and lead to a total cost of  GBP16 or 20 Eu which is marginally sufficient  time ,  a little cheaper than  the prices of several Sony in-ear  models in the local market (at ard 25 Eu) Still quite good offer  I think.
B25 has been ordered on April 26th 17 and was supposed to arrive on May 12 based on Amazon's calculations. I was much surprised to receive it on May 5th just 10 days!

Unfortunately the case   has been dropped immediately after I removed the earphones and by chance it has been jagged by a ..shoe. Anyway I didn't use it except for this photo. There is a nice typical carrying earphone case with some accessories   included. Unplugging from its case is very easy and does not tear the cable. It happened to me many years ago by manufacturer's fault to tear the cable because it was very stiffly hung inside its box base.

The design is impressive. The color is "gun metal" as noticed in the rear of the case that seems as like it is a metal base with a rough jagged plastic part in the middle. This is what I thought. I was wrong! Just put a magnet near that. YOU will observe that the base or something inside is metal and can be dragged easily by a magnet. I had a communication with the company. Betron's contact person advised me that nearly all models use metal base.
The cable has a metallic colored tigray surface over it and a plastic surface across its length. Each bud has its own cable of 1 mm thinness of ca 30 cm length connected via a nice 'metallic' 1 inch splitter, around 90 cm of 1.2 mm cable that leads to a 1.2 cm long 'metallic' base of 3.9 stereo plug. The magnet does not affect these surfaces; it can possibly mean it is aluminum made.
Rate: 5/5 you can feel a much more expensive model from its design at a very modest price. 

The earphones are accompanied with a carrying case an impressive set of 13-14 pads of various sizes with black color and one clip to support the cable over your dress. There are three sizes. The provided over the buds are the medium sized ones. As someone referred in a review on another model (RK300) every size offers a different fidelity  sound the  smaller offering a bit more trebles over the fatter  .I have not tested so far but it is  possible but I do not intend to  check it for now . The buds fit properly in my ear canals.

Ear Fitting

My ear canals are a bit different sized. The left ear canal is s a bit wider than the right. Once I had to change the one pad in my Sansa earphones and put with a fatter so that the bud cannot fall from the ear. 
In contrast to another set I have form 12 years ago (and still operating, from a defunct Sansa mini mp3player)
Prior to that their ear pads fit perfectly to my ear canals, though they are a bit tiring after short time but later the one of them was torn and replaced .Of course it depends on how deep they fit inside the ear canal. However as deeper are they become bassier. Once if move my head across the time of listening their cables giving trickling send. 
These sounds do not happen using the Betron earphones. Betron’s set is a bit annoying to my ears.
rate :4/5

Operation /Sound

The  buds are quite loud as most in ear models, louder than any other earphones for the same volume level.
I used a 1:2  audio splitter to connect both earphones to a mini analog  Bolong radio. This is the one with the best though quite trebly audio in FM band. I checked with it several FM stations for comparison. One station transmits Greek folks and Sunshine FM with ambient music with the clearest audio among the local FM stations.
Parallel using with the Scandisk:  Sansa earphones show near identical volume. Both have very trebly sounds compared to other earphones as like removing Dolby in older cassette players.   Sansa shows quite bassier sound while B25 shows a bit higher top band trebles. Both have very clear sound.
Parallel Comparison with AKG model 512 over  Bolong radio  : Sunshine FM  sounds nearly identical to studio quality  with AKG headphones .Betron's  sound is sharper with nearly little richer and deeper  bass as AKG (only if earphones are deep  inside the canal)  but above middles and high frequencies are quite shaper to annoy my ears . In contrast Sansa earphones show the same with much bass that annoys my ears!
Rate: 4/5 Sansa ca Betron

Noise canceling:

Buds are very simple plastic buds with surely low noise cancellation. For higher cancellation I think the buds should have a spongy surface in between the lips and the base to absorb more noise.
As they are advertised 'noise canceling' I could expect a higher anti-noise design by some technical way. Company just follows the old motto   "in ear models are noise canceling" from the time of the Sansa model. Now after 12 and more years I think that this motto is surely outdated and becomes misleading
I use the phones  in quite low levels , just above the mp3's or radio's  threshold and  still hear my wife’s talks and shouts by a  little lower level ! This can possibly mean I have to raise the volume higher until it covers external noise! 
Rate: 3/5

In result: 

Nearly 12 years after, ethnology seems to change much but sound tech not so much. Sansa was easier to wear though trickling sounds from the cable once you move are annoying your ear. Betron B25 on the other side offers good quality with the same depth as middle grade studio headphones (AKG models) with very high trebles .Their noise cancellation is rather poor comparing to what I expected .I think that the ear buds have to be redesigned for this reason   .
Unfortunately after writing this report my old Sansa in-ears was unexpectedly died. Now B25 is my only in-ear-phone!
Overall: 4/5

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Neighbours E-star Grand tablet preview

A new  different  blog page this time .

As you may know Greece is still  in deep crisis after 5-6  years of  austerity measures imposed by the IMF and the EEC.
This continuous austerity forced  most of the youth  and possibly also some  older families to  go abroad to find a better luck for work , causing a  severe brain drain making our country , a country of older people mixed with  immigrants and people of  neighbor countries working for a very low salary  that  everyday lowers  down .
More than 3.5 million people are  jobless  in a country of ca 10 millions an seems that  numbers will  grow more as austerity deepens and everyday more companies stop their business  .  I have seen a man having a business with machinery rollers stopping it last year and now  begging in the roads .

Brain drain as you may know means the  sending the youth  to work in the foreign counties for a better   future. Most  of these young people have  at  least one  diploma from Greek universities and either work here  as waiter or jobs of very low  salaries  that start from 400Eu  and below (this is the basic part time 4 hr  salary that includes also insurance ) and only just in case that they  will be very  lucky to find a job under very bad  terms of work. Over the time  work is unpaid.

As for example my brother in law  left the country  two months  ago , after  waiting   two years to find a job here and works now in London  in a  restaurant with the hope  that soon he will find a job suitable to his studies   in a civil engineering  company.
In another bad example  myself as  well my wife  have lost our jobs two and one year ago respectively.
I looked for work in several companies but none could buy me or my wife for work as we are over aged for them (53 and 43 years respectively). Dole  has been terminated  for both of us last year and cannot be restarted and  we are based on our parents pension  which is everyday lowering as caused by the government and its allies (IMF EEC etc ie troika ) This is he reason i asked the DX  follows to help me.

The same happened with one of our  neighbors . His son very recently left the country  for better chance in France. The only way to communicate is with a tablet that he bought recently after upgrading his  phone line to DSL . Our  neighbor doeskin know too much about  tablets and asked me to help him Surely I couldn't ask him  for money for this help and  made several tests to compare it with mine of 2 years ago, the F&U model which is in its  end of life.


This  model is an E-star one called Grand. It is promoted by Infoquest a major computer accessories company from at least  30 years existence in Greece and surely the product has a Chinese origin ,  tough I dont know if it is a "Tecsun radios" type model for tablets
Its size is 10.1 inches and uses  HD screen tech . I don't know  if this is  the screen  type or just a technology such as LED  or OLED, but as the factory advises it offers  good watching from all optical aspects. And it is true . Once you use it  you cannot see  any   picture degradation from nearly all angles  except from  looking from the top of screen. A feature that my tablet does not have (it is just LCD screen )

This is the main picture shown as desktop of the tablet

The model  has  4 cores and Lolipop 5.1 android. IT is  quite different  op. sys. from 4.2 that my  tablet uses. From  the  quite short time i  used it, i found some  interesting differences between these  operating systems:
-ability  to use  many users
 most basic operations  are included  in a drop down menu: connectivity on off  , G option orientation, air mode (conn off ), GPS on off, and a few more
-task manager  is quite different showing the programs as drop down cards than simply screen shots as in 4.xx version 
-the droid keyboard is different  this time in a white  color and supports  mechanical greek   keyboard . it happened by chance when by mistake connected  it to a standard keyboard

This is on how 5.1 droid popup is shown  

The ability to have multiple users

-Its battery  is 5 Mah. Its battery  drains  not so fast , with nearly the same draining time as with mines which is 4 MAh of 2 core system . As consulted  the battery can drain in abt 5 hrs .

-I installed Xiia live for audio tests and put my fav   radio  station for making a comparative audio test  using the Sennheiser headphones which is my fav among two others and added two of my favorite  stations to test its sound    . They have the same audio quality /fidelity but E-star  grand has higher basses i ve seen that  program installation is quite time consuming , it requires  nearly the  double time  than in mine's. though i preferred to remove the program , the neighbor asked me to keep t and add a few  Greek stations from Athens with news though most of their program is also relayed here in Thesaloniki .

 screenshot of the  Xiia live dropdown menu

- I then installed  Viber and Skype for communication between him and his son. Though  Skype uses  email for communication  Viber  requires only a  telephone to register . It then sends a  SMS  to your telephone to unlock the connectivity . I use  this program  to discuss  to my bro-in-law as he didn't like  Skype. Viber seems having some issues with its  video. HD video is also  supported ,but is OK to make audio communication.

I could  buy one for me shall  i collect  some money  as mine 2 years old tablet is close  to its death  form its  very long operation every day(sometimes  more than 10 hours )  . I liked most  of its features but the only i don't like is that it uses only 3 sockets  for connectivity to the external world :
-micro Sd socket , supporting up to 32 GB memory
-earphone socket  , 3.9 mm type
-micro USB for connecting to the mains adaptor for charging. I could love to see  a 2 USB to USB splitter/joiner  to  do the connection  but as  asked next day technicians in  high tech stores this cannot  be  made without problems.

Mine F&U  uses a separate socket to charge  the battery. A standard mains adaptor cable of the older times with plug of just  1.8mm. Its USB socket is always connected with a external keyboard. i use  it to type most of my texts as  logs , reviews, my new stories ,MY computer is used now very sparingly and for more  heavy tasks (audio and video  conversion, heavier text processing a/o QDTP  )

This was a review of just 20 minutes of checking/ overview . Hope that this information can  be interesting to you.

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Tecsun headphones E 805

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This is the second headphone set the friend has recently given to me. He bought it from Anon Co about 10 months ago together with other products from Tecsun and Degen, on a joint purchase with me the time I was in a better monetary condition than today. 

As far as   remember the group Tecsun-Degen has stopped making earphones and headphones since 2008 and this is possibly the reminiscent headphones produced from that time. Gone are the days of the excellent  earphones used on the DE1103 (DE929  if I remember correctly  ) a model also available separately that surpassed all  known brands at that time with its very broad audio spectrum that followed the spectrum of  headphones with  as low price as  Eu5-6. I tried  many times   to find them  but my former  source two years ago  advised me that the company stopped quite long to produce them.

As notice previously, my friend has given the headphone to me for testing without its package, which has been littered to the dust bin for space saving reasons. It has a decent and classical design with speakers that cover the ear tough they are quite big at 10 x 6 with plastic lids of ca 1.5 cm wide and 2 mm thick that move inside the headband. In a way it can be characterized as old fashioned comparing to the modern designed Silvercrest model.

The cable used is very lengthy, the lengthier of nearly all tested so far. It was measured to 330 cm. It is perfect to be used with the houses' HiFi system connected to the digital TV receiver.   It uses a twin type possibly coaxial cable similar to Sennheiser.

Nice plzstic sleeve

Now about the audio quality. This is something of big discussion. Its audio spectrum seems  to be quite close to the AKG as tested  in parallel with it,   using the equipment and  connectivity  as with the previous blogs :
"-using the  Bolong radio with a audio 2:1 splitter  over the radios' socket and connecting  AKG  and Tecsun in both  ends. "

Again as with previous post I have used the same station i.e.104 Fm   which has the widest audio spectrum in town with the best audio quality and checked each headphone for a given time and changed it immediately with the other. It is possibly the so called A/B testing

Tecsun has stronger audio than AKG which is good. Unfortunately most of this audio goes to the basses. Around 3-4 db higher a very annoying sound due to very high bass, considering that also AKG has a bassy audio. This is one reason to get rid of them very shortly and change to other headphones. 
A minor problem found is that some bass goes to the left earphone.
Second problem is that monophonic as stereophonic sounds have some added spatiality. The monophonic sounds seem to have a spatiality to a +/-1 range if we set the 5 to the upper left or right that means towards the speakers.  I don’t know what causes this problem and is not my business. 
The only OK is that the audio spectrum is nearly the same as with AKG headset always using high volumes under test. But the above problems underrate it. 

Verdict: this headphone takes a low rating   due to its extra bass and spatiality though spectrum is OK 2/5 not for much time to listen or it can irritate your ears

Silvercrest headphones SKH 60 C1 a tech review

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A friend of me has given several of his headphones for testing. These blog tests   start from this article and follow for the next two articles. As  my friend told me  he bought  this headphone  from a  international hypermarket  chain store  with ca 7 Euro  price which is still quite cheap  . He provided to me it with its full packing in contrast to the others mentioned in the next blogs as e.g. with the Tecsun models which were  given unpacked in a  plastic bag to me. 

It seems that this brand has only one headphone model.  I can't otherwise think model with no product code mentioned in the carton box.

Its carton box is very nice in a black mat color. Very nice packing design with main product info in several languages including German English   Bulgarian Croatian Romanian and Greek. Manufactured in China it is imported via a German company and distributed (exclusively?) via this German hypermarket you guessed it. Unpacking it required to remove a plastic adhesive tape and then  open a stop lid   to open  the main box's carton lid .There was no plastic bag to contend  the earphones inside , but only the headphones which are included  together with the  user's manual (not removed from the box while testing it)

Only in the product guide the code number is only noticed.

The headphones have a very nice design are of closed type speakers with very soft plastic cushions to fit over the ear (circumaural). The top sleeve/ headband   have a textured sleeve to cover the head. It has an adjustable design using a double metallic rod to fold or unfold the speakers from the top hanger. Speakers ca even be folded to inside to save it space.

 There is also a 3.9 connector socket on the lower part of the left speaker that adds connectivity to a second head- or ear-phone. The in between cabling is somehow thin comparing to the  system design with the hope that  it will not easily cut, should it come  into strong pressure  from any external reason. 

The headband has a problem. It comes quite stiff to my head. It is quite tiresome for very long listening. I have to stop using it after 2 hours of continuous usage. 

The cable has an excellent design with textile casing .outperforming in beauty over most other models which use simple plastic casing, even for AKG and competing brands. It is 2 mm thick and 150 cm long as measured that meets the noticed box info. All cables used in wiring the headphone system have the same kind textured coating. 

Speaker:  In the carton box it is noticed that the speaker uses PET 40 membrane, a micro porous membrane that "meets   the best audio criteria used to introduce outstanding audio quality to your hearing experience". (This is mine's talking   using the language of advertising)

Usage: In order to listen and make A/B aural measurements I used a splitter to use a second headphone and tested it with my AKG K44 headphones.  

In order to perform the comparison I used my Bolong radio listening to a station of ’extended frequency range' i.e. .the highest possible audible spectrum. This radio has possibly the best and trebliest sound of all of my radios I have or possess. Only a few FM stations can qualify this requirement (the highest spectrum). One of them is 104 FM (no ID still known) airing mostly ambient music at the time tested.

These AKG   headphones are quite bassy comparing to my other professional heads as Sennheiser and Koss and add at least 6 db in the lower frequencies over the remain. The same happens with the SKH Silvercrest model in terms of basses they are quite bassy as and very close to AKG's fidelity and spectrum.   Only the in ear phones cannot qualify this demand.

This headphone has very clear audio as AKG. Compared   with my AKG 'bassy' headphones  it has  the same audio  spectrum  in higher frequencies , It cuts the very low  -bassy-  frequencies ,giving a sense of 'shifting' bit higher.
Audio level is the same as with the AKG. .Anyway it gets too close with the fidelity of AKG D66 heads at a portion of AKG's   price (abt Eu35 bought 7 years ago). Important to notice  that  in order to  listen  to the best fidelity some added  volume is required  starting  from ca 60 db or you wall not hear the  full fidelity or  audio to activate the speaker. 

My verdict: these headphones excel in design, component selection and also sound quality for their price 5/5.
Comparing to the AKG headphones they have a very narrow bass cut in the lower spectrum 4.5/5

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The replacement tablet ETB 9543

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Following the collapse of the  previous tablet ETB 9541  , the company replaced it with this new , numbered ETB 9543

This is the box of the new tablet . It has been given after the technician realized that mine was totally off and nor  could be started from its android logo or sticks to it then froze

Just a few pics of  the tablet

 This is  the front view

The rear  view . ON the left edge is the reset function

The sockets in its right part tht includes , charging , USB , SD card , mic , and ears .
and inside the box are the power adaptor , the cable adaptor and the guides

ON the start instead of the ANDROID  logo only the copany's logo is shown for ca 15 secs :

and the screen is shown this way ;(shortcuts in the iside screen , in the outer part with the basic ie settings , programs , browser , photos )

IN this  article i will shows only the most interesting , and funny things upon its use :

  • Weird thing: its provided power adaptor interferes  with the thumb usage: It is good that i kept the older tablet's  adapter that does not interfere   with the touch screen Even with the newer 7"  adaptor there is not any problem
  • Different operation design :task-bar is  shown in horizontal , instead the vertical line task icons as shown above 
  • Operating system Android 4.2.2.
  • Shut down : shut down asks for  hibernating  or shut down 
  • In just  2 minute of no operation the tablet gets nto sleep mode (this is the default of it though it can be adjusted from the settings mode )
  • Chrome and internal browser (though Chrome based ) are available in this  tablet. There is a special 'request  desktop mode' option in build in browser . This inner browser can be hidden  leaving all space only for watching the  web page.Chrome as standby program has a  rather strange behaviour  with its inside zoomer hat makes it sometime to zoom not only  the page but  zoom the screen  so that you cant workk it properly unless you minimize it
  • '1 mobile' market is the  free replacement of Slide share (program market) this also offers  update facility.There is a nag screen on  start-up  menu at the right bottom of the screen
  • MX player available . it can sometimes freeze esp if you want to fast forward(whie watching online movies )
  • 'Prt screen'  (when using physical keyboard )does  not  operate 
  • Weird screen watching : you ned to tilt the tablet by 15  degs upwards (in lateral use) to watch the whole screen !Very good if you do not want someone to look into your screen esp if he is in the left of you !May i suppose it is LCD?
  • Audio is very huge . Huge and very sharp (read :trebly ). The volume level 3 in this tablet  corresponds to 12 in the previous) Tested with the new for my daughter (report later ) had the same  audio quality and can also work in sleep mode AAC+ is also supported. 
  • Two problems with the   audio : changing program  , but also during the MX player audio is muted by itself . The second though minimal is that AAC  operation causes some 'trickling' sounds esp in strong basses 
  • Hibernation is very good for radio listening keeping the battery to very low without burning
  • Seems draining  faster the battery if video is used than its predecessor . IN other modes as eg text browsing as in reader battery drainage  is abt 2% per minute In case is used offline only for text reading (as for example pdf reading )o sometimes even writing to text  to Evernote applet (special for writing notes etc )the battery drains even lower . About 2-3 % per 1 hr Even less in case lower luminance is used , it can dain battery for more than 2 hrs per 2 % Same applies also to watching offline video. But in the levels of 80-70 %  the battery drops faster , even if is used totally offline All offline operations  keep the tablet cool.   This is what i could call idling 
  • And more asd the time passes : After 1.5 year of use  for abt 8 hours a day i ve sen  some irritation of the screen after 4 hrs at lat of usage that day
  • A very good program tested is UC browser  .it can cover all your needs

  • 1.5 year after  and about 3500  hours of operation  the following symptoms seems to describe  tablet's  end of life : 

  • -Instability of WiFi :afer less than half hour of WiFi connectivity  , it starts  suspend to  and commence  its connectivity 
  • -Instability of charging . It happened once but while battery  charges very slowly it drains very fast THis happened after an accident that i dont remember . That time  the screen seemed  as software broken due to a maloperationn . Then the battery  started  draining very fast  ie 5% per minute from the standard of t of ca 1.5-2% per minute .I used to be very careful in operiting it 
  • -requires internet  to synchronize its  clock !!!

Therefore  the  tablet  works for he moment very well  and if used offline with internal material (pdfs videos etc )its battery can last much longer than online . Nice feature !