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Radio HS902

Radio HS902 Aug 31, '09 9:57 PM for everyone  (orig multiply post )
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Manufacturer: Bolong

Bolong radio HS902

THis article mirrors here from my old page of geocities that will very soon be deletd dur to Yahoo's proposals :(((

all radios together

Bolong radio is the oly analog radio of the picture with enhanced view ( ie at the left)

This radio has been the results of a replacement project with a Chinese friend who lived for a short time in the student residence two years ago. He used mainly that radio in offer to listen a bit to the local radio stations but also his homeland.

I give to him a Kchibo model found from the local market mainly the 515 which is a semi digital , ie having a digital readout but is fully frequency agile. More information n this radio you will find on the chibo.pdf file along with some interesting technical info also for Bolong.

Why I am writing this report , though I have already written in the pdf? This is because with the return of the PL200 back to the factory for servicing or replacement - a total of 4 weeks – and the C330 already given to my father in the country house , using big radios as 1102 and 1103 in the road is quite uncomfortable, requiring the use of cassette sized radios only in the chest pocket of the blouse which is mostly preferable for me. All that time I had the opportunity to use and test it more than previously. I also like to listen to the music when I am walking inside the city. And it impressed me very much with its audio fidelity.


The radio is a bit thick-y with black color and metallic mesh surface over the speaker . I never use it as I prefer to use my earphones . It is a also relatively heavy compared to the C300

There are three buttons on the front face: ON button for FM one for AM , one stereo switch and onle lock switch all locatd on the bottom right position below the display . ON the top there is a 8 band sliding switch . ON the left there is a volume control a ON off switch and a earphone connector.

There is a stereo FM light and a band light( FM or AM ) and a tuning light on the top right position.

The thumbwheel is relatively small for my fingers at 1 cm of diameter and a little hard to turn . I prer it this way so that it doe not tune out for any reason .


The specified coverage shown in the display are


My measured (approximate)

SW1    6.9- 7.4  5870- ~6550

SW2   9.45 – 10 9.400 -10.100?

SW3  11.6- 12.1   11600-12140

SW4  15.05-15,.7  15000- 15800

Sw5  17.55- 18.     Can’t

SW6   21.4-21.95  Can’t

MW 520-1620


Tending  5920 9

6230 ???*

6970 5

7215  3

7370   5
9385  3
9420  5
9855  2
9910   2
11600  3-4
11690 3
11785 1!!!
15180 2
15275 3
15565 2
15700 5
17560 5
17730 3-4

As in result in most bands Bolong seems to have a better sensitivity or total audio result than 1102 except the 50 mb . ON 50 mb there were superhet images from the lower part of the 41 mb that mixed with the upper part of the 60mb stations ( 6200 and up)

You read my review. This is a result of more than 10 hours of testing usage.

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zlgr wrote on Nov 1, '09, edited on Nov 1, '09
a\ better photo of the radio

An unbranded bluetooth transmitter : review

IF yo are using  Bluetooth earphones dont you suddenly need to use your TV or any other gear that doesn't have any Bluetooth ability? My TV is still connected with a digital TV receiver  that acted also as a signal amplifier. After I replaced the analog TV with a digital LED model I kept the receiver to make TV recordings for later usage. Later too some of these recordings were played with a tablet.


This is my third transmitter after two models have been proven not to be stereo.

The first was bouight via Amazon and returned back for more than a full modey back.it is a not only receiver transmitter with digital readout but also has a volume control , MP3 player included and FM band All operated in stereo  except the most wanted line-in  . The seller responded every late ate 1.5 week after my call via the Amazon’s  facilities

The second  model was bought  via ebay and received in around 2+ months. The seller sent the money back This money was then used to pay another seller who finally sent a reeal stereo transmitter !


The new and last model is a true one  it has been received quite faster than normal via a commercial logistics facility in less  than 25 days in a good parcel pack 

As noticed in the pack the model cide is B10S using the new Bluetooth version 5

Here are some of the specifications as noticed in thε rear of the pack

-Protocol A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile or BT audio streaming ) AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile).
-Playing time 6 Hours
-Charging time abt 2 hours
-Charging DC 5V
-Connecting plug 3,5 stereo audio port


ON the 'front' side there is a button for receiving or transmitting  mode . ON the top part of the gear there is a small button finger tip size that while operating a blue or red light flashes .It requires around 4 seconds to switch off or on 

ON the 'rear' side there is just a 3.9mm socket and a USB D type female socket to charge. 

And these are the accessories together with the mini transmitter, a USB cable for connecting to the wall adaptor and a 3.9 mm mini jumper. I already had two jumpers from their  respective radio mp3 players with the same size so they kept aside in the transmitters  pack. 

Operation adn review 

As noticed above the operation button requires around 4-5 seconds to start. I Used the very bad audio Awei BT headphones with their quite dull and relatively clear audio The transmitter found them in around 15 seconds when the headphones advised they are connected . Quite faster than the fist and in about the same time with the middle model  And really as noticed the model sounded as stereo! 

In the fiorst time I have used a mp3 and radio player the tecsun Q3 . I use it many years ago as  a very good audio recorder but also as a MP3 player . its very poor in FM band. Compared to the fist model's MP3 stereo playback the sound sounded nearly the same as far as i could remind myself. 

The second experiment was the final with the DVB receiver. I lowered the volume to nearly the one third of the level fot not burning the transmitter . Its line output is around 350mV . Sound is quite good  and clear considering the bad headphones fidelity. 

The experiments continued with the range in between walls and direct. Around 7.5  meter distance to lose the sound with a wall of ...45 cm! Around  13m distance with no obstructions - just a wooden door! 

I made a new charge and checked its battery duration  its total time was 4.5 with the DTV volume at the 1/3 as before that is still a bit high for my ears . Quite god considering its size but not 6 hrs as advertised!

This is a preliminary verdict testing wit the daughters remote earphones . I have found a model from aliexpress  for my wife that i m waiting for at only $10 that is very soon to receive with the hop that it will be better sounded.  - at least based  in the comments... My wife has very low audio requirements.


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Amoi or Yescool C10

Not very long ago I was with a friend discussing for a mp3 player He seen mine Ruizu and was very much interested n it and immediately given it for some money by keeping the external memory.A noticed  in a previous post my first Ruizu was damaged from continuous connects and disconnects as it was not recognized by the win10 system. Fortunately a nearby Computer Repairman's with his main PC identified the  player and he did a backup for me tranfwring all the contents in an external micro SD card

I found this Amoi via Ali via the only seller at only 24Eu  The original price as noticed i is page was 46Eu (?) for the 8GB model THis so low price made me immediately making the order last year (Sept 2020) It has been reached me in around 2.5 months via Ali's standard  shipping . Quite slower than other shipping facilities as Yanwen or China post 

A few days after buying the piece the price arisen to 33 out of  the presumably original 48....

Mini description 


As you can see the forepart consist of some basic buttons with the wheel addition that does as a typical wheel on the Nintaus: movimg to previous or next song scrolling across the song directory, changing audio volume etc

The model is quite heavy weighting at 150gram  (and the heacvier tested so far ) and is metal made ! I m sure that you can use it as a brick to hit someone if you like !As you can see from the photo it is quite thick at 6 mm 


This is the main screen while playing showing the ID3 info, the time in both graphical way on the bottom and with big letters . You can see also the VU meter. This is exactly as as the fake spectrum analyzer of all Ruizu models tested so far. I cannot understand why they do that 



Left  part has a mechanical LOCK button that operates only in operation or playback mode In other words  if you the button is on LOCK  you can still start the mp3 player!!There is a reset button , the SD card in the the new design and the USB 

The earphones plug and a microphone plug for karaoke! I have not tested the microphone plug so far .

this is the volume control plus a AB repeat control . Once you press one of these buttons yu can use the wheel to control the volume 

This is the volume control screen . very similar to the Ruizu models 

 In order to change between he inner memory and the external you have to use this option from the settings menu The seller advised me for is option 

Typical to most players when refreshing the inner contents the player can search all musical files. thi can be  time consuming if you have hundreds or thousands of files.This can happen always if you fill the inner memory with music . Mine as with only 8 GB 

Operation : 

i will try to be as short as possible in my review and tests 

Formats supported : MP3 , WMA, WAV, OGG , M4A , FLAC , MQA FLAC and  APE are  supported Not fully supported are ALAC and AAC (mono channel ) DSD files are not recognized
5.1 FLAC are not supported

File scripts supported : Thai Greek and Chinese characteres are fully supported : files /ID3 tags

Sound    It is similar to the Ruizu (trebly) but treblier than Nintaus 

VU meter is fake . its shows only two waving bars as with Ruizu

3 clicks are required to operate a button !  Nintaus and all remain models work with one click (button press ). 

Ruizu X02 shown fast counting in the blank starts on MP3 and  WMA files . The same happens with Amoi but not in Nintaus 

As in the  photo above, the volume control is very similar to the Ruizu. Too loud  as the Ruizu 

Lock button works only  when in playback . I could prefer if the Lock could totally isolate the player when it is off

Quite big  screen text with  4 lines. Chinese text is read very clear 

As in result:
-I think that this model is made from the same company as Ruizu , unless they use the same  OS Audio quality or fidelity is the same .This can increase my tinnitus faster than usual  (<3/5)
-It requires the triple process or clicks to operate and change files  (2.5/5)
-οperating time: 60.5 hours   this is the longest player, with NIntaus as second at 55  hours Tested with a series of 1 hr recordings in 3 mode formats and left till it stopped from battery drain   (5/5)
-Original price is quite good (4/5)

Rating : 3/5 Nintaus is still my preference  (4/5)