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Sony WH-CH510

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If  you just read the model with the good reception headphone but with bad audio and after watching TV for much time I decided to go to the next step by fining a better model. My idea was to find the BT  version of the T500 (ie BT500) but I was terribly dissapp0inted as the model could not be found in the market unless ordered . I searched about 5 stores with no success . Its price is just 35 out of 50 as it was on 2021. This can be for sure the reason why it disappeared.

The next found is a Sony model  with the same price . I was however impressed with its time range at 35 hours with one charge! This is one of the reasons I bought it


So yet another full plastic model so simple, a bit more than the JBL one Even a bit smaller one ! As it can be shown with the above picture the arm is nearly the 2/3s of the JBL 


as with most headphones , the buds can be rotated. But also there is some tilt is not more than 15 degrees as it can be shown above

The next and final typical with them is the button arrangement.  Volume or next /previous song  plus the power on /off button And USB C for for charging! 

They are very comfortable. They don;t irritate my head nor my mind.this is quite the second reason i bought them 


As with remain models tested this also offers a nice female voice informing the status of the model. Messages as always use female voice In this model are noted after a short tone It also advises the status of the battery. I old prefer if hat could message as battery full only. 

Reception by distance . 

First test : distance with the Redmi 5a . good reception with minimal drops esp in the point with 2 walls in between . This is the only point that signal got some temporary drops. Outdoors there were also some point with twin walls killing the signal 

Testing with laptop : reception was worse than with the Redmi with more drops on the same points I think that its wireless transmitter has lower power 

I have used  the same song  when testing both as transmitters. same audio quality  for both with good  audio very close to JBL headphones.Second and more exhaustive check shown the Sony having a  some increase on 500-1500 Hz range (middles and lower sharp tones and lack of the very deep bases ) as checked with the above and this song  =with deep basses-  from YouTube . Link to a friend singer. 

Testing with with a TV and external transmitter : this mini gadget has been tested so far to have some trebly sound when receiving with the 81DJ headphone. at first check the transmitted didn't now couple with the headphones . I waited more than 90 seconds till the transmitter turned itself off . ON second try the transmitter still coupled slow but in shorter time! Sound quality between the wired  headphones and this are nearly the same with nearly the same frequency response as tested with the first test.

Below  is the tone test #1 as made with most earphones before using a lapel microphone by testing both JBL and Sony .

From what i understand from the screenshot this headphone has very deep basses even are not heard It was quite mysterious that all tones shown as lost in the local noise but only the near 1 Khz were audible. JBK shows a tune-in on 1 kHz while the Sony on 2kHz 



As in result: 4/5 Sony headphones are quite good with a HIFi audio curve and very comfortable !  


Some additions
The headphone has been tested  in another place in a irregular room with a fireplace in-between  with 6x6 plus 6x3 [tilted] extension . The firs two tries were good but after them i seen again the problem happened with the two other BT headphones tested before: timeouts 

Connection with the Hitachi android TV is rather quirk : every time i connect with the headphones I first must to do a new BT gear that means the bit code is possibly different

Another time the connection was reset in the middle of watching and i needed to restart 'pairing' as noted above! I cant understand what is the reason..

time testing between this and rthe inkax HP31 

  • Sony with smartphone 8 seconds
    Inkax with smartphone <1 second 
  • Sony with TV >50seconds
    Inkax with TV ard 5 sec

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Beyer DT 770Pro short test

This headphone is the result of searching for a as neutral as possible headphone to be used with any audio player and also my PC, For unknown reason the PC's sound card shows a quite high b bass sound  with more than 10 db over the flat response. I found that at a price of 130Eu from a local store in Greece with nearly no shipping charges There was also a mini problem that i wanted an over- ear model instead of circumaural as ordered. Unfortunately  there was nothing very close to what requested and "canceled the canceling" of shipment . 

It has been received in just 3 days Below is a pictorial overview  with a comparison with AKG77 my not so standard testing headphone except that this is the most proper model to check. Both are connected  with a A.B switch to splitter just in case ohmage is different.


Here is the arm above the headphone. it consists from a relatively thick metallic blade: 

The cushion over the arm is detachable as most pars of the headphone.There  are some 'bolts and nuts; that can help removing it  . this is the best for a headphone to replace every defunct part:

And here is the plug for of the headphone .  as you can see the log has a srew type stabilizer so that the adaptor cant be lost or loosened ! very smart idea indeed!

The results : the sound between the K77and this model is very different: 

The K77 is 'terribly bassy'  comparing to Beyer -even  with other   headphones is not so much-  with with some gain reaching the the lower middle band. Quite high audio  level comparing to the Beyer assuming a difference between 6 and 9 db. The standard trebles are nearly the same with the very slight over the AKG.  . I made a  rough drawing of my perceptional levels to describe it in sy format:

Some minimal photo googling shown the headphone signature with some increase on the higher part of the treble band ie the 5-11kHz

Personal opinion after using  it quite long: This is now my model headphone that offers great sound,  though not so high volume as other models of its class,



Betron HD1000 headphones cross tested with AKG 77

This is an old story of 2017 when i accounted to send that to a frind who finally proved to be extremely  egoistic and cunt.er cooperative in the most utmost level. I remover the o letter to describe on how i feel this so bad person. For example he always likes to make me mad almost every day during our discussion. He didn't like to think or  remember something except for short time or even read texts that can possibly help his life )

System restrictions in Amazon  impended to send products outside Europe I did the intermediate person to buy that for him. Finally after some clash with him he stopped to discuss with me calling that as  'divorce'. For this reason he preferred to  lose things of more than 150 Eu instead of killing his ego . Tell that vengeance. 

This headphone was at around 35Eu plus shipping   a s far as i remember. this was the era i bought a reasonable line of earphones from them for a total of 150Eu all of  them mini earphones with this being the only in their headphone line.

At above you see the setup used to cross test these two models . This is a very typical in all my tests, A mpo3 player , in this case the Q3 recorder , with the a multi-switch splitter and the two headphones in A-B mode.In the above photo you can see the Betron in the right part of the photo with a wooden like color  and a nice over the ear near egg type size 


As you can see the inner part of he air pads ar rather ugly. Once i have used them with one radio of the Tescun series operating in total of ...90 hours at the barely audible level. They have quite strong audio similar to the K77 or DJ81 of AKG

The plug is quite different than the usual . Still quite operative !

Bow on the result . Testing both of them  it has a very different response curve . Think that it has quite increased  middles or sharper tones with nearly the same levels in the higher and highest frequencies with K77 Just  loook at drawing that roughly describes their relative response with K77 

IN practice they are quite bassy but still quite sound with roughly all the audio span

Using it is more convenient than the K77 I can use them for more time than any other  headphone without  tiring the heads the ears!


Fiio DAC for my PC




It was very long times that my laptop soundcard was too annoying to my ears. I have a rich collection of headphones used with it but nearly all of them except  the Silvercrest and another cheapy but better version of the marhsall model offers still quite good sound

Silvercrest is surely better but the wel known German giga market chain seems they stopped to offer them in their  ranks !  I m not 100 sure but as far as the chain distributes their weekly bulletin there is nothing fond inside for more than 40 weeks over this ear!


The problem with the soundcard is that the sound is mysteriously bassy in a way that the mid basses are higher then expected  resulting into a headache as  time passes  

I finally decide to find a solution Looked again some older issues of  a greek  audio magazine and read once again the series of iFi Audio  models .I was also enthused that they more recently made a cheaper series of their Zen can models into the margin  prices of the 100

I was very much deciding to buy one of them and visited a audio shop in the city He is one of the many sellers offering  these models

Long discussion and inspection of the model iFi Audio ZEN Air CAN , it is not offering any power adaptor except an external,  full sinusoidal  charger at a price  of around 120 Eu . But the main reason is that the model can be charged directly from the computer via a standard USB A plug to USB B plug

Just before buying it I have seen the FiiO E10k type-c usb model just before his monitor and looked well into the box with less than the half of size. Quite slim an easy to put in the pocket !

-Its price is the same !
-OK then man I will buy it !

Finally I took that and tested 6 hours later even if I was very much curious to test it

A few minutes after I was very curious if there Is really a C to C cable jumper as the model had a male C to male USB jumper  only. The neighbor shown me a model and immediately took one


6 hours later

The connection was very easy and straight through. In just half minute the DAC was recognized by the Win 10 system and worked OK with not any problems except that the sound card is disabled 

-Hmm as the iFi  warned 


All the above is not fiction but my real story on how i came to find out the mot appropriate model for my laptop. He also proposed that the IFI  Zen is more appropriate for HIFi systems  than just headphones. He was also quite interesting to advise on headphones ec , a story which will  be noted in the bottom on this page

The DAC is simple enough The pot is also a on off switch  with levels between 1to 8 and a bass enhance on the front panel  together with the audio socket for 3,5 mm 

ad this is the rear of the DAC with two outs , line and coaxial,  and a gain level that increases the sound level BTW as you can see i used a Inkax c to c jumper that is other than what the technician offered me because the socket is too stiff  because it never used before. the Inkax  plug connects easier 

now the results: 

(1)the sound is softer and better but rather neutral. I can also use some bass without affecting my head or mind but sometimes gets boring especially if iuse it with quite sharp sounds as the SDRconsole 

(2) there is not battery built in though i thin that it could help a little 

(3) as noticed above powering it in stops the inner sound card . A few audio programs as Total recorder lose the sound by this piping

(4) I made 3 screenshots form audacity that show what happens using the inner sound card and the liner Fiio DAC using a external Q3 recorder from Tecsun encoded in MP3 format 128kb/32kHz.



 program curve     

 Fiio out

 laptop earphone

 Just watch  above the two resulted curves The PC headphone out explains why my head  'gets as marmalade'. If supposedly the Fiio use a linear response the the ears jack shows a increase on the 80-300 Hz by 6 db and some little above the the 4 kHz 

Finally after discussing in reddit the bassy problem has been solved. Dolby was activated long ago and dis-activated it from  the settings menu  after a lengthy process . 

Here is the final results after using the method above :
At left original audio - middle the line out - right the FiiO out, There was a small fault whiele connecting the cable to FiiO : quite loose so the left channel was not properly connected .Also the volume was not so high as with  the laptops even if both were after-normalized

Noise length  3 minutes WAV mode.

I both there is a slight loss in the higher frequencies.